Nessquik 1.1 is and has been out for a little bit now. I'm pushin 1000 hits at the freshmeat page, woot.

In other news, work decisions have taken a complete 180 these days. What originally was a possible ArcSight now appears to be a Splunk purchase. huh?

We downloaded Splunk at work and have only been dinking with it for a day, but in that one day the results to the data we asked it for were exceptionally more coherent than anything ArcSight has offered. What bugs me about Splunk are...well...the bugs. There's also a general lack of documentation and the software tries in vain to hide a lot of it's inner workings from you. It's akin to a bastardized open source application.

I will give the Splunk people props though for having a quick responder to most of the questions I've asked them (go Emma!). Aside from the couple of short comings that the product has, you cant argue with the performance or pricing of the software. I'm really hopeful that creating custom processors will be easy. If it is, that pretty much seals the deal. Also, Splunk graciously has laid out a roadmap with future features listed. IMHO this is very nice. As someone evaluating the software, I can see where the software is headed and if the future looks bright or stale. Overall I hope that Splunk comes through. In any case, at least they have the coolest name for an app.