Since my last post I've churned through Okami, finished The Pragmatic Programmer</em>, started and finished a book by Kevin Smith called Silent Bob Speaks</em> (fan of Kevin Smith is me) and almost finished another book called Peopleware</em>. Everything has been goin pretty a-ok with work too. We recently stopped a potential botnet build up, which was hella cool. Joe showed me some cool ways to go about forensic-izing a system and I got to see just how this specific piece of malware infected our Windows VMWare image.

As a followup to the malware forensics, I jumped on IRC and exposed more infected machines on site (cool!) and I wrote a python app that we're now using to notify us when other bots jump on IRC. It's rather rudimentary and only will find bots that are being obvious (non-hidden and not masking their host). It's still a cool first step though. I'll make the code available in case anyone else is interested.

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