Man, I haven't written anything here for about a week.

So with this Friday I conclude my first week at work. It was a pretty busy week with a couple failures in equipment due to power outages and whatnot. I have been doing an extraordinary amount of reading this week too. I've churned through about 2000 pages of book-ness. A lot of the reading has been technical which is usually really hard to read, but some has been enjoyable.

In preparation for a hacking demonstration at the end of this month, one of the guys I work with showed me how to pop a shell on an oracle 10g server. It was hella cool.

I've been working on this new web client for nessus scanning in the meantime. We need it because we're trying to avoid the hassle (said stop using) the nessus regular client. The web client I made is pretty slick. It uses Prototype and Scriptaculous to make itself pretty cool. I can offer it up for download in the near future. It'd be an ideal replacement for the less than stellar InProtect application.

Anyways that's all I've really been doing this week; working. Not much else to do anyways but I dont really care because I like what I do and all my friends suck anyway. Later on.