Joe and I have practically no experience with the Postgres database, which means that we're obviously the perfect candidates to take up a development project that uses it in a massive way :-)

At work we like to make things and, well, we're making something to replace our flat-file flow searching tools. Now, a little while back I was contracted on a project, to work on a system that was kinda similar to what I'm doing right now. That consulting job didn't go so hot, but I assure all you fulltime consultants out there that I dutifully charged my client an outrageous price and subsequently accomplished nothing :-P

But I digress.

In our escapades with vendors who like to peddle their wares, Joe and I have picked up many great ideas for accomplishing various tasks. This netflow thing is one of them. We've generously borrowed ideas from two vendors, and I have borrowed ideas from contract work. To this idea concoction we've added Joe and Tim specific ideas that will bring value to our current group at work, and benefit mr. employer in general.

Behind it all is Postgres in all it's happy self. It's a pretty cool database. I've only ever worked with MySQL, but after working more with Postgres, I find that I like it more than MySQL. Anyways, don't get the idea that we're doing ground-breaking work here. There's a bajillion netflow->database apps out there. The problem as I've observed it though is that netflow is just too general of a technology that requires too specific of a site solution. You almost _have_ to build your own solution. So, we are.

I saw Cloverfield 8:35 on Sat, because it's 2:30 am on Sunday right now. I liked it a lot! Crystal was kinda like "meh" but oh well. I liked it anyway! You should see it if you haven't already.