Ever been approached by someone on Facebook just asking you to be in a relationship with them? No, I'm not talking about the MySpace fakes who troll through the web trying to sell some porn site. I'm talking about a real live person. Yeah well it never happened to me either until ~8 hours ago. Someone I don't know sends a friend request and then follows it up with a relationship request. Now, I'm usually pretty sure about who I know in the world so I was kinda like "wtf, who is this?" when I got the email.

Anyways, turns out to be this girl from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. Apparently she dates someone named Tim Rupp; go figure :-)

So she told me she was just looking to play around and my name was lucky number 1 on the "tim rupp" search on facebook. So yeah, I'm game. Her and I are in a relationship now, hehe.

I'll be honest, she's quite a looker. The fake Tim Rupp (I'm the only real Tim Rupp) is quite a lucky guy. Some days... :-)