Back to the lab.

So today Gnucash 2.0 was announced. I've used 1.8 for a while now so I'm anxious to see what 2.0 looks like. I wish above all things that I could sync my accounts with the banks and other institutions where I have my cash sitting.

I've recently been eyeing Parallels for a possible purchase. Parallels sells a virtual machine software package that is really good. I'm fed up with QEMU and VMWare's free offering sucks. Parallels is only 50 bucks and the trial version of it has been adequate to what I'm looking for.

At work I've begun working on 2 new things. One of those is creating new metrics for our KCAs and KDCs. I was also assigned to creating a new scanner for open proxies at the lab. After about 5 minutes of putzing with Python and urlgrabber (thanks yum) I put together a 5 liner that can test for open proxies. Sweet.

Irwin let me borrow Joe's book Inside the Spam Cartel</em> too. Joe said it was a good book and that I'd have it finished in like 3 days, which, if it's a reading book more than a technical book, then yes I probably will finish it that fast.

First version of Nessquik is finished. Check it out from svn. Mind you that the interface is relatively general, however the processing code for scheduling the scans is largely work specific so you'll need to write your own processing code for pulling the data out of the tables. It's not too difficult but I dont have time to make it work for the public at large.

I've also modded the lab's get-cert util to hopefully work on Macs. It's worked for me, so it may also work for the rest of the community.

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