In the past three days I've been in meetings for ~20 hours and have had a chance to do actual work for about 8 hours. Suffice to say, my head is spinning.

On another front, my mac at work is really starting to get on my bad side. First of all, the stupid thing seems to misunderstand the meaning of the Home and End keys. Instead of going to the start or end of the line, the mac will jump to the start or the end of the page. Also, the one-button-ness is downright annoying.

I connected to the VPN from my house to work today! It was awesome! Just like they said, I can access all the resources at the office from my laptop. I think this puts me at something like 8 separate accounts now, what will I do?! Remembering passwords is hard enough. It becomes impossible when they need to be 9 characters long and can never repeat. bleh

Something else I managed to accomplish today was to finally find a moderately good groupware server to use to tie together all my linux machines' Kontact apps. For the longest time I was searching for something that would just work. I tried Kolab but it wouldn't install. I tried Citadel but it's painful to install and completely illogical in how it operates. I just wanted a server to sync stuff with</strong>. Well, eGroupware is the answer. The application is very easy to set up, provides a web front end, and more importantly, is able to act as a central repository to sync all my Kontact apps with. It's hella cool.

I believe I will have the time to upload nessquik to my svn repo by this weekend. I have been so busy with work that time has become non-existent. I have also been busy coding and bug fixing for Flare. I want to be able to show Dave the new Flare and let him marvel in jealousy :-)