To round out the spending of Best Buy gift cards, I floated on over to the store and dropped the remaining 150 bucks on games for the DS.

  • Big Brain Academy</li>
  • Magical Starsign</li>
  • Children of Mana</li>
  • Yoshi's Island DS</li>
  • Kirby Squeak Squad</li>
    So that kept me entertained today when Digital Devil Saga 2 was making me go insane. I got a bit farther in DDS2 but the game just gets more and more difficult. I needed a breather for a bit so that's when the DS came into play.

    So another cool thing that happened today was I found a bug in prototype.js. I don't think anyone had reported it yet (at least I didn't find anyone). It was a bug that dealt with double encoding URL parameters so they can be sent in an AJAX request. Hopefully the bug will be fixed in the next release. It broke a load of crap in nessquik though, so my patch will have to stay in place for the interim.