Well, I finished We Love Katamari today! It was excellent!

The one thing I was disappointed the most about though was that it had no eternal levels. That means no rolling for eternity :-(

On the bright side it had a LOT of new unique rolling scenarios! I rolled a flaming ball of stuff, a snowman, a sumo wrestler, a ball of roses, a ball of fireflies and a whole lot more! I rolled a 2100 meter wide ball that took up nearly everything on the planet but ran out of time before I could role up the King of All Cosmos. the game is perfect though!

Now, I just gotta wait like 2 days for the next Digital Devil Saga to come out stoked

I finished moving 2 of my collections over to the new Tellico app. The collections moved were Anime and Apps. Got several left to go.

I spent the majority of the day today coding my Superkaramba theme up. I call it BreadKarams (pronounced “breadcrumbs”). It’s a drag and drop “adios” app. It’ll be useful for me because I’m always needing to send little files between computers and I have no need for big solutions like NFS and Samba. It’s a cool theme. You drag anything to it and it jetisons the files to an SSH server or FTP server of your choice.

Mac OSX has a Dashboard widget like it (which is where I got the idea in the first place) but of course mine is cooler because its me and because its written in Python and its open source :-P

That’s all I’ve got, later!