The weekend has been less than stellar because nobody's around to hang out with. So in the interim I've used it mainly as a weekend of recovery from the previous week. I've been heavily busy at work dealing with various sales people, so that has given me a headache. There has also just been a general lot of work that needs to be accomplished. I've caught up though, so after this weekend I should be ready to give it another go.

There's been several new interests since Friday. First, I installed this program called Password Gorilla to manage my hundreds of passwords and accounts that I have laying around. It's written in Tcl and is open source. I've tried to use it in the past but was never able to compile it. For whatever reason, I never actually looked at the page though to see if they had any other methods available to install it. Anyways, after about 2 minutes of work, I had the program running!

Some other cool stuff that interested me is listed below

Internet Stack</strong>