Yay for weekends!

On my weekend off, I’ve spent a lot of “me” time trying to get my head back on straight. I fired up We Love Katamari for the first time. The game is great and lives up (almost) to its predecessor. It could use a little work on the music, but the dialogue is hilarious. Also I like the fact that you can dance and sing with your cousins and tackle them; hilarious.

I installed some new software as well. This one program, Tellico, is a collection program. It’ll be useful cause it’ll allow me to move my collection lists out of phpMyAdmin and give me an easier and more extensible program to use to build and maintain my collections.

The other program, AutoScan, is a network scanning and discovery tool. I ran it on Tech’s network and it found a bunch of peoples comps, and switches and routers and other stuff automatically. Also, it found my wireless AP and guess what? It actually had a web interface! I had no idea!

I got the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children OST which is great. I also got several new CDs off the net, so fuck the RIAA.

Sometime later tonight I need to hop in the car and burst off to Walmart and Walgreens. Need to re-charge my meds cause I’ve run out, and I need to get some more milk. Milk has become one of those things that I consume like water these days. I can easily go through a gallon or 2 a week :p

Well, need to get back to playing games, listening to music and updating my collection thingamajig. UIUC is gonna be great, you’re jealous you cant go, I know you are!