So I finished reading the book about that Islamic fundamentalism. Man, those people are screwed up. In fact, all fundamentalists are screwed up, but it doesn't end there. My dad refilled my empty book pile by lending me a book called Under the Banner of Heaven</em> by Jon Krakauer. Jon is the guy that wrote K2 if you ever read that book. K2 was about people scaling Mt. Everest and having it not go too well.

Anyways, UtBoH is about more religious fundamentalism and how screwed up these nutjobs are. This book more or less is about this murder that took place in Utah and how the whole thing stemmed from Mormon fundamentalists. The book goes into heavy detail about mormonism and how utterly ridiculous and obviously fake of a "religion" it is. I have a friend who is mormon and it blows my mind to think that he actually believes this towering load of bullcrap call mormonism.

The book is addictive though because it's written in very tim-like wording. What I mean is that it's not filled with big or obtuse words. It's written in plain english. Also, another reason it's addictive, is because this sort of non-fiction is stranger</strong> than fiction. It's scary to think that there are wackos out there that believe in this hullaballoo, but there are. I like non-fiction books that seem more fictitious than fiction because you just can't make this stuff up.

Today I got two shirts that I ordered from J!nx. One of them is a shirt that says "African or European" and has a picture of a swallow carrying a rock :-P The other shirt is one that says "Caps lock, cruise control for AWESOME" haha! They're awesome.

I've been trying to anticipate what I'll be doing at work, and it's really starting to freak me out. I think I need to invest in more reading time about the subject of security. I think now is also a good time to start looking in to C or C++ and start examining open source projects that use it.

My sister's (Natalie) graduation ceremony is tomorrow. She's graduating from high school and the event is going to be held at a local college. Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow.

I plan to have the book finished by Monday when I go over to my dads for the holiday. Nat's new laptop should be arriving soon after that too! yay!