I spent the day at my dad's chilling with the family. Not much was going on, but I didn't mind. I saw two movies while there; The Great Escape and Paycheck. Both were good.

In addition to slacking, I have been in the process of modularizing the templates for Flare into their respective extensions. I have the design finished and am almost finished with the whole thing. This is just one of those things I had originally intended to accomplish, but because I was so rushed to get Flare finished, I took the easier route and stored all the templates in one place. By moving them into their extensions, this will make the extensions more "plugable" in the whole scheme of things.

After I am finished with modularizing the templates, I'll move on to JSON and Prototype which will end up providing asynchronous communication to the interface. There are several areas which I think will benefit from this. I'm also going to do away with the popup upload page and replace it with something that loads much faster, stay tuned.

My dad let me borrow Into Thin Air</em>, written by the same guy that wrote Under the Banner of Heaven</em>. I can't wait to start reading it because Krakauer is a great author.

It rained today which sucks because I had to leave my bike at my dad's place. I don't think the weather is going to be good tomorrow either, so I may just ride it home from his place on Wednesday after dinner.