Sitting here bored waiting for graduation day. I've managed to eat my way through the book Useful Idiots. It's a book that will really piss you off and make you hate liberals and communists even more than you already do. I've started on the book The West's Last Chance by Tony Blankley. It's a book about how much radical islamic people suck and how much people who try to appease them suck. More liberalism to make me swoon.

Atelier Iris 2 is about 11 hours done right now. I've devoured my way through that as well (only been playing it for like 2 days). Nothing much to do other than that. I guess I can't wait till I start work...or something like that. I know I'm probably gonna regret saying that considering that I'll be working for like the next 60 years.

Well, thats all I've got. If I remember to, I'll post a short thing tomorrow relaying back how graduation went.