So today being Thursday that means that I get to have a less than stellar day again. Linda Hite got on my nerves as did Jason Essig. I just don’t like those 2 classes.

Haffner finally got together with me to look at how ClamAV works. He took notes thankfully, and is a really bright bulb so I expect he’ll do fine.

We had a run in with a regression introduced in the newest version of PHP today. I’m waiting for the File_Archive developers to fix the issue or provide a workaround, but I cant contact them through their site directly cause its major fucked. I go to register and it says I’m using an invalid email address. Ummm, excuse me but whats so invalid about and

So I’m going to try contacting them at their PEAR page and see if that doesn’t get me through. The error is producing a Fatal Error in Flare, and that means the whole thing basically stops working. So atm I’m up a creek without a paddle for this one feature.

I can still work on other “stuff” though. Seems there is another bug with the way that punctuation characters are entered into the settings database for the Filesystem extension. Hopefully an htmlentities will take care of it…hopefully.

Turp decided to have the gall to instant message me today and ask what happened to his Flare account. He forgets that he’s missed every OS Committee meeting to date because he’s “been busy”. Apparently going to socker games and eating dinner qualify as “being busy”, despite the fact that we provide free food.

I told him to come to the next meeting and I’d reactivate his account.

I got QEMU running on nemu (new comp). It’s fast but I may need to invest in more RAM in the long run cause it complains that I dont have enough at times. The latest version of ReactOS was the first thing I emulated. It’s pretty cool. It may be the thing that runs my Windows apps I still have laying around.

STILL havent played Katamari, but I did get my Systems Analysis homework done. I need to still do my Sociology homework.

Heather wrote on my wall that I needed to have a picture for facebook that involved me smiling. Apparently Heather is in hypocrite mode though, because I dont consider this

Heather Green

to be a picture of her smiling…yet its her facebook pic ;-)

Well I dont know what I’ve got going on tomorrow. One of these days I need to re-get back to Wheaton so that I can drop a bottle of fuel stablizer into my motorcycle’s tank. Also I need to buy a trickle charger for the battery.

UIUC is gonna be freakin awesome. The speakers for R/P are out of this world.