So here I am, end of the school year…my last school year. Indiana Tech has been a great 4 years and I’m going to heavily miss it. Made some great friends (Matt, Bob, Ryan, Aaron, Mason, Durbin, everyone else) and got to do some pretty cool stuff (Flare, ACM, OS Committee, everything else).

I really am going to miss you all but what can I do? Gotta move on. I’ve been fortunate enough to line myself up with a stellar job making an abhorrent amount of cash working at a place I love. I start June 5th…the last day (as my dad puts it) of my known freedom. No more summer vacations or winter vacations. Look on the bright side though, I get weekends off and 40 hour weeks. Gotta carry a pager, but such is life.

Flare has been passed on to better people. I hope they’re able to maintain it as well as I was. I plan to keep working on my own forked version of the code, but work specific to Tech will cease to be done by yours truly.

I’ve got 3 finals left and after that I get to walk the plank through graduation. I think I’ve made out alright for school. Graduating with a 3.7 out of 4 GPA. Received numerous awards including Outstanding Graduate award. Get to wear honors cords as well as Alpha Chi cords at graduation so I can brag about that too right?

Bought Atelier Iris 2 but haven’t had a chance to play it yet because I need to finish Stella Deus first. I’ll be glad when Deus is over because it’s a terrible game. It’s one of those that looked great on the box but was terrible to play.

I’ve picked the Yamaha R1 as my next motorcycle. I looked at several 1000cc bikes but kept coming back to the R1. I think it’s a mix of looks and the fact that I just kinda fit the best on it. You know me being a tad short, so having a thin seat like the R1 has, just makes life so much easier. I plan on taking a ride with my dad out to see my sister in Iowa sometime after she starts. He’s really anxious to go because he doesn’t get out much on his bike.

I went through Path to a Beautiful Somewhere and novelized it! I also handed a copy off to Susan McGrade (professor) so that she could read it. I really value her literary opinion so I hope she enjoys it and is able to provide some constructive criticism.

So now that I’m taken, I guess I should tell all you headhunters and IT recruiters to lay off it. Enough already with the job offers ;-) Actually, I should hold my tongue. If a much better offer comes along, dont hesitate to contact me ;-)

That’s all I have to say. Thanks again Indiana Tech for providing me with an experience I’ll never forget!