I’ve finally finished the file permissions feature on Flare. Emborsky is being useless though and trying to thwart all my efforts by bragging about how he can throw together an entire socket daemon in C and have it fully functional and integrated with Flare by school years end. Good luck on that one buddy, I have no confidence in you.

So the file permissions thing is kinda cool. It gives the admins pretty fine grained control over what a user can and cant do. It works like the typical linux file permissions of ‘read’, ‘write’ and ‘execute’. There are a couple caveats to the system though, and I believe they’re solvable, its just that I don’t want to try to fix them. The biggest problem being that we don’t differentiate write permission from delete permission. They are indeed two completely different things, and should be handled as such, but I don’t want to write any more code that would make the whole system more complex. Stick with the easy stuff that is still moderately complex.

Our PEAR package, File_Archive is still tanked. The maintainers website is chronically offline and there is literally no documentation for the package. The whole thing is massively difficult to understand too because you have to use a lot of static methods and there’s a ton of pass-by-reference BS. Emborsky claims he’s going to figure it out so that we’ll actually have zip and unzip functionality, but that’s left to be seen.

I go home this weekend! But I should have gone home this weekend. Jon was bored so him and I could have hung out. Melissa was abandoned by some friends, so her and I could have hung out, and I need to buy some fuel stable-izer and a trickle charger still for my motorcycle. So yeah, pretty bummed I didn’t go home. Also, I could have picked up Digital Devil Saga. Oh well, guess I’ll have to get it this weekend.

So I basically got every Ayumi Hamasaki CD there is. Also, I got the DVD of her new CD. Yeah, she’s…nods head, no doubt about it. But her music is actually quality compared to other Japanese bands I’ve heard.

The washer and dryers here on campus have eaten, seriously, like 4 dollars. Now, you may not think this is a lot, but when you’re paying 23k a year to attend a school, the last thing that you want to lose is more money. Indiana Tech would do itself good to just liquidate all the idiots that buy this awful equipment.

On a lighter note, I’ve basically completed my IT dept project for this year. I was tasked with setting up a NetReg server for authenticated access to Tech’s network. The server is set to go, we just need to look into how we’re going to test it. The problem is that there’s no good way to test it. We can’t just deploy it, because there may be a problem and hundreds of students will instantly complain. But we cant really test it either, because we don’t have any spot on campus that has 300+ machines just sitting idle waiting to be used. I’m gonna see if I cant suggest maybe putting it in one of the computer labs and seeing what happens. That way, we’re not really hurting anyone, and we can get some good feedback. I still need to finish writing some perl (ick) code for the project. We’re integrating Nessus scanning around the clock for the registered IP’s, so this means a little coding for yours truly.

This weekend has been uneventful, should have gone home, oh well, thats what next weekend’s for! Later!