Today is Friday and I am relieved.

This week and everyday in general has just been wraught with confusion and mayhem. I dunno wtf is going on in my life right now, but I feel extremely aggravated and useless these days. I just dont care about anything and would rather just be sitting doing my own thing.

School is taxing I guess, but I think its more that I just dont fucking care about responsibility these days. I expect a certain level of “scratch my back” in return from people that I help out, and I just dont feel like I’m getting it.

Also, I’m fed up with the whole world. Everything is too political and everyone is only concerned with making money and fucking the rest of the population. Case in point, the Recording Industry of America. Quite possibly the most greedy group of mindless fuckheads in the world.

Recent news on the /. has mentioned that RIAA is still trying to get Steve Jobs (runs Apple) to cave on his policy towards music prices on iTunes. Now, I dont personally use iTunes, but I know as well as the rest of the million+ people that do use it, that 99 cents a song is the price that music should be.

If you take a look at cd prices, you see that on the average, if you broke it down, that the number of songs on a cd comes out to roughly 99 cents a song. RIAA is fighting with Jobs to force him to start using variable pricing. Making new songs cost more. Problem is, is that that would be the same as bringing back those 25 dollar cds that we all had the pleasure of buying before the (thank God) advent of Napster and P2P filesharing.

The most recent wtf from RIAA is that they’ve told Jobs that if he doesn’t accept variable pricing, that they will revoke iTunes privilege to sell licensed music.

Are you with me here? RIAA would rather have no money than have the millions they make from iTunes. Are you blown away yet?

In response to this, I strongly encourage everyone I know to viciously pirate all forms of music. Pirate the stuff and give it away on the street corner if you can. The best thing you can do for the U.S. atm is to give the finger to RIAA. They can burn in hell and I’ll be happy to see them there.

Today I fought more with NetReg. It baffles me that someone hasnt taken a long look at NetReg’s shortcomings and made a more recent FOSS app to replace it. The app is a bitch to set up. But it’s not entirely it’s fault.

Today I was repeatedly running into a problem when Fedora would kill yumex in the middle of something. I dunno what made me check this, but I opened the syslog and saw that somehow I had no swap. Looking further, sure enough, the swap partition hadnt been added to my fstab file during install (why?)

A quick addition to fstab and a restart (although that wasnt necessary, I wanted to clean up all currently used RAM) made everything better.

Then, when I came back to my room, I saw my Ubuntu download had finished (yay!). So I crammed it into QEMU and took off. However I got one of these “you do not have enough memory available in /dev/shm” so I was like wtf?

Well, I guess you can resize shm to be whatever the hell size you want it to be. So I jacked it up to 1 gig and re-ran QEMU. Worked like a charm. Ubuntu was so smart that during partitioning, it actually picked up that the partition I was using was a QEMU partition. Ubuntu is pretty slick, and if I had to use anything Debian based on a personal comp, I would definitely go Ubuntu.

Well, thats been my day. Later