Hoorah the servers are here! Pictures of them can be seen in my gallery</a>.

Check out that makeshift rack I put them on too. High quality structural engineering there. The 1U will be the replacement webserver and the 2U is going to be my backup server. Both boxes are from a company called Visionman or something. It's beige box hardware and all the pieces inside are nothing short of what you'd pull off a store shelf.

It was a nightmare installing the systems though. Actually, only one system was a bastard; the 2U. The 1U is a dual core Pentium D (has the on-chip virtualization stuff...cool!) and came with a very linux friendly VIA motherboard. The 2U on the other hand came with a very unfriendly nVidia chipset...evil!

Scientific Linux 4.4 was a no go. As was CentOS and Ubuntu. It was all because of the damn sata_nv drivers in the distros. That stupid driver is broken very bad in SL 4.3, less bad in 4.4, and not too bad at all in...drum roll...Fedora Core 5!

So I spent an entire day and installed linux about 20 times on the 2U. Each time it would go to install, it would always fail during the Red Hat installs by saying that it had failed to read a package correctly and therefore it needed to commit suicide instead of try to re-install the offending package.

Ubuntu go much closer and actually finished installing twice, but then had to go and send everything straight to hell during the first apt-get upgrade.

I was sitting there looking moderately worthless when I eye'd my Fedora CD. I had brought it out to see if the installer would fire up but I never actually tried to install it. First of all, the 2U is an Athlon 64 3500+ so it needs an x86_64 arch distro to run nicely. My currect FC5 CDs are i386 though. So naturally I wanted to put x86_64 on there. Before I went to download the new arch, I tried installing the i386 version because I really didnt want to waste CDs if I didn't have to.

Magically it installed the first time with no errors. The only problem turned out to be a mouse cursor that didn't display, but I google'd for the problem and found a solution (cause by, you guessed it, the damn nvidia crap).

So I torrent'd the x86_64 arch for FC5 and installed it, no problems. I'm only slightly bummed right now because of no Scientific Linux and the fact that FC6 Test 3 was just released practically yesterday. That means FC6 is close to coming out and upgrading Fedora installs is NOT a recommended procedure.

Anyways, all is well and good now. The next step is to move all the data and services to the new machines.