hehe, well just based on the comments from the previous post, I think the joke went down well at Splunk after all. I'm glad. There are some really cool people at splunk.

Well, this weekend is pre-furlough weekend...which sucks. Legally I guess I'm not allowed to log in to systems and do work. Bummer. I think everything is going to blow up in CST with only Joe there. netflow is going to bomb, simmer is going to crash, and a host of things that nagios currently doesn't monitor are going to go tits up.

Have fun Joe!

I'm going to sit back and happily read the mayhem that ensues as it comes into my inbox. I'll be in Ft. Wayne during part of next week; going back to visit professors. Then James and I are supposed to head up north and kill time at his cabin.

Here's to hoping the week goes quickly.