This is really starting to piss me off. My mom is involved in this cosmetics company or something and it's ruining my life. She is acting as a consultant trying to sell these products that nobody wants. Everyone hates sales people and I am no different. She's gone to far now though. She asked me today if I would take one of her crap care packages to one of the people I work with. Get the hell out of my face mom. I stormed off without answering her but I swear to god that if she sends one of those packages to this person and it gets me</strong> in trouble with them, I'm gonna burn my mom's whole stash of the crap.

On a lighter note, I bought myself a giant whiteboard today to use in brainstorming and general thinking. It's one of those things that every self respecting computer geek needs. It can assist you in so many logical ways, and I missed having it after I moved away from school. No more though!

I bought it at Office Depot, and I plan on getting some more stuff from there as well. I need a tall and midsize bookshelf as well as a new desk. Office Depot had a really cool desk which I might buy, but I wanted to go to several other places before I commit to this one.

I came across my super old blog software today. I wrote it back when I was still learning PHP and it is so lousy. I'm in the process of clearing out the code so that I can check it in to my subversion repos (for memories sake)

James, Will and I tried several types of sake (Japanese wine) the other day. One of them wasnt too bad, but the other was really strong. It was similar to sipping straight vodka (bleh). We went to Friday's after that and I got the blackened cajun chicken sandwich. It was damn good.