The other day I ate at a burger place here in San Antonio that apparently has the best burgers in Texas. Or so they claim.

Chester’s Hamburger Co.

One word is all that is needed to describe it. Underwhelming.

There are a bunch of people around here that make it out to be a fantastic place. Their chants and raves make one think that this may, quite possibly, be the best hamburger on earth.


I still hold up Mr. Bartley’s in Cambridge as the best burger. Chester’s was somewhere between “meh” and “ok”. The burger, like just about every hamburger, had no flavor. They tried to compensate for that with the toppings. But the toppings (pickle, onion, mayo, mustard, etc) were all bland too.

It was a big burger in acreage, but slender in height. The fries were typical over-the-top greasy. Meh.

At roughly 8 bucks for a burger and fry, I’d rather take my money back to Portillo’s in Chicago. Still holding out hope that there is a worthwhile burger joint in San Antonio.

Don’t start me on Whataburger. That place is garbage.