Hey I forgot to post an entry yesterday so I’m posting yesterdays entry today. Later tonight I’ll post today’s entry.

I finished it! BreadKarams is done! If you use SuperKaramba, you can get breadkarams using the link to the left. BreadKarams is a neat little theme for SuperKaramba that lets you drag and drop files to a server. I wrote it because I often have a need to send a tiny thing, or a collection of tiny things, to an FTP server. I dont need the robustness and headache involved with NFS and Samba, and I dont want to type all the damn commands of a command line SCP or ftp; I just want to send the file!

BreadKarams lets you drag any icon you have, and drop it onto the breadkarams theme. It will then send the file to the FTP server you specify in its simple Settings area.

This is my first attempt at a theme for SuperKaramba. The whole thing is written in Python (which I got a taste of while working at Fermi over the summer; Thanks Connie and Troy!). Its simple in the way it works, so try it out!

So I still cant get that DISCO*Prince song out of my head. I love the new Katamari soundtrack. When I listened to it the first time I was like “bleh” but you need to play the game first to enjoy the soundtrack. After doing so, I’ve come to love it.

I snagged a couple of episodes from this new anime called Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Mashmallow). It looked funny and I really needed something to liven me back up recently. This and the SuperKaramba theme have done just that.

Tomorrow is another Officers meeting for the ACM. I got one of the ACM magazines in the mail and to my surprise, it was actually pretty decent. They talked about stuff that was way over my head, but it was still enjoyable.

So I need another idea for a SuperKaramba theme. I sick and tired of all the useless themes that currently exist for it. I must make linux cool or else noone will ever use it!