Today was a great day!

Work was rather plain, but I did get to do one thing spectacular. I had a one on one conversation with Dag Wieers! The same Dag that maintains the Dag RPM repository for Red Hat based distributions!

I’ve been writing several Python scripts for Fermi’s RPM build system, and I’ve been funneling the code back to the rpmtools mailing list that Dag runs. Well, today, he had several questions for me, so he asked for my IM name and we talked! I was in disbelief that I actually got the privilege to meet someone who is as renowned as Dag. He’s a really big player in the Red Hat distro land. He’s a really fun guy to talk too also. He’s not stuck up, or rude in any way. He uses a reasonable amount of emoticons to express himself, and he’s a generally nice guy. I’d like to say thanks to Troy and Connie for helping me out and getting my name out there. Writing code is leagues more enjoyable when people other than you, actually use it; people in different countries…that you didn’t even know existed :-P

On another note, I finished another program for Troy. I couldn’t think up a good name for it, so I just called it bananas. What it is, is a cluster finder for vsftpd logs. It will sift through the ftp logs, and basically try to determine clusters of computers that are hitting your FTP server. Troy is using it to find universities and institutions that are large, who refuse to mirror the Scientific Linux repositories. When these large institutions update their systems, the Fermi servers get hit big time, and Troy doesn’t appreciate that. He feels, and rightly so, that big institutions should just mirror our repositories and then update their computers from their own network. bananas is the tool that he uses to find the culprits. The app is written in Python and freely available (once I get time to post a link to it here)

So over winter I’ve also been doing several other things. First, I finished 2 book; Because He Could and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. The first is a political book that is a rebuttal to Bill Clintons My Life book. The second is the book that the movie Blade Runner was based off of. Both were equally enjoyable, however I finished the 2nd book in 1 day because it was an easier read. I also read John Stossel’s book Give Me a Break. That was an excellent book, and it really left me feeling a tad libertarian.

On the video game front, I beat Y’s The Ark of Napishtim. It was a great game, and quick too; for an RPG that is. I finished the whole thing in about 3 days. Also, I finally beat Suikoden 3. That terrible game is finally over. The ending sucked, and the whole game was just too long. It took me 76 hours to beat…man it sucked.

At the moment I’m reading The DaVinci Code in preparation for the movie that is coming out soon. So far the book is excellent, and my dad says that I wont be able to put it down.

School starts back up in a week, and this weekend I’m helping out several people with computer stuff. My step-grandma and my friend Melissa both have issues that need to be fixed, so I’ll be doing that this weekend.

I reinstalled Chiyo recently too! She’s my new Nagios/OpenVPN server. She’ll be staying home with Sakaki from now on, and I’ll be connected back to her through VPN while I’m at school. Nagios is awesome, but I’ll elaborate more on that in another post. For now, I’m off to sleep!