And the semester is finally over!

Senior year semester one is finally over, and with it goes all the classes that I quickly grew to not like. This semester has gone by really quick, but a lot seems to have happened.

First, I’ve been working a lot with the IT dept at school helping equip them with an automated network registration system. I’ve built a wicked cool application for them that borrows from several open source projects and implements some of the stuff I learned from working with the BASE project. The application is called Abruzzo. It is an almost complete port of NetReg over to PHP. It comes packaged with Snort, Nessus, and another product called InProtect which I massively overhauled. In fact, aside from the general way the code works, almost all the InProtect code has been replaced.

Next thing that’s happened is I’ve registered with this Flash competition through one of the classes I just finished up with. I made this cheesy little 30 second clip about exercise and then subsequently sent the link around to about 50 people so they would all vote for me to win the $500 dollar prize. They in turn sent it around to everyone they know, and suffice to say, I started receiving a lot of mail from people I didnt even know :-). Let’s hope I nail me that 500 bucks. I could really use a PS3 :-P

Next on the agenda has been this sites new location! I bought the domain name to use as my own personal site, and to host sites for family members if they really wanted it. is running on parts borrowed from Dejiko and Sakaki (two of my servers) Dejiko’s motherboard was fairly lame, but Sakaki didn’t have the beasty hard drive space with SCSI-ness that I needed. Solution? Borrow the drives from Dejiko and put them in Sakaki. The new server (still named Sakaki) will be the host for The site is hosted at my moms house for now. Once I graduate and get my own place, I’ll bring the server(s) with me. So you’re just going to have to live with 1.5 meg DSL for now. Sorry.

Other cool stuff that happened includes the Sigma Pi Toys for Tots party that happened @ Tech. Yours truly got truly wasted that night, but I needed it cause school had been kicking me while I was already down. ACM along with OS Committee have just left me burned out. I cant stand the losers in either group.

One final note, I’ll be providing some temp space for my friend Jon so he can host a small site for his skateboarding group, JAP Skate :-). You can find it here