I’m struggling through the process of implementing some pseudocode I wrote for one of the massive majorly important features of Flare. The problem is, is that the pseudocode just makes me think of more “what if”s that make my head hurt when trying to implement the code.

This big feature I’m trying to get strapped down is the whole concept of file and folder permissions. Before now, they basically didn’t exist. But we need them because this whole “immutable dirs” thing doesn’t scale for squat.

So what’s the problem? Well, it all revolves around who owns what, and how to check for that. Also, I need to tie in this whole quotas shindig which is going to be about as fun as sticking hot railroad spikes in my eyes.

One big issue that I had to debate with myself was whether to use a file + xml view of folder and file permissions, or to use a database view. I opted for the database one because I really had no idea how to handle the type of locking needed to update the xml file I would have used if I went that route.

In other news I’m almost ready to post an update to breadkarams to kde-look. My rating has been slipping recently but nobody has left any comments…bastards. At last check though, I had 259 downloads! woooo

The next version is bound to garnish more downloads though because it is incredibly more stable and has a new feature, SFTP transfers, which allow you to send files via your SSH server. Now you don’t need to have a separate FTP and SSH server running all the time. This is handy because many linuxy people always run an ssh server, but dont always run an ftp server (like me) so to be able to only run one server is nice.

Also, the new SFTP feature allows you to use key based authentication; another really nice feature. The new version also supports a relative path, so you can drop files to a subdirectory of your home directory. This will bring the theme more up to speed with the Mac OS X version. The last thing then will be to implement the WebDAV transfer protocol, but since I don’t really use it, it’s gonna be a while before that materializes.

I met this awesome new friend at JET/SET 2005 @ Tech. I gave an open source presentation and he was one of the token linux students that we typically see trot through the event each year. He had a great attitude towards the stuff and him and I hit it off, chatting most of the available time about open source in general and linux specifically.

I hope we can stay in contact, no matter which college he plans on attending. I could always use more linux capable friends. At the moment its limited to Mike and Emborsky. There’s not enough people that I personally know that I feel comfortable just talking open source with. Lousy Windows junkies! Too many of them in the world!

So Flare is in disarray at the moment but it should gradually become more stable as I find and fix the kinks. Pray that I can get this done right cause it really is a feature we can not live without. Quotas would be the next feature that we can not live without.

Cya round