To say that things feel “out of control” is an understatement. I’m feeling really stressed out, for several reasons.

Relocating was much more frustrating than planned. There are a number of things that fall under this umbrella that are just adding to the stress.

Taking a new job is stressful. It involves learning a whole new bag of tricks. Trying to fit in with a whole new crowd of people. Dealing with a whole new number of groups/divisions/teams.

  • I don’t have all that much of an understanding of the tools in use, how the systems run, the software they use, etc etc.
  • I need a haircut
  • There is no food in the house. My normal eating habits are in complete chaos.
  • Boxes still need to be unpacked. Some stuff doesn’t fit and needs to be sold. Other stuff that can’t be sold needs to be donated.
  • I had a medical issue during the first week here. That’s a $2500 mistake.
  • I need to re-take the orientation classes.
  • I need to rollover my previous 403b
  • I need to set up my new 401k…but the new provider doesn’t provide a target retirement fund…so I need to role my own using the funds they do have.
  • I’m recovering from injuries and am not feeling up to exercising. I’m told again and again that cyclists aren’t welcome here.
  • My motorcycle is in Illinois
  • I feel like I’m just burning through money like crazy will bills
  • I have to be a landlord to my house in illinois
  • I haven’t had the desire to read, play video games, or watch movies.
  • I’m lonely
  • Dropbox isn’t working right on my desktop
  • KeePass isn’t working right on my laptop
  • I have a ton of documents to scan and pictures to hang
  • I haven’t been able to close the books on my old job because I have to have the benefits office sign papers, and they haven’t cleared my vacation yet.
  • Those black outlines that you get from those stickies that medical personal put on you to measure EKG activity are taking forever to wash off
  • I’m tired
  • I can’t sleep on my side because of sore ribs
  • I need to make appointments with a PCP and an endocrinologist
  • My meds are going to run out in 1 month
  • I pay full price for my meds
  • Weight is being put back on
  • My head hurts
  • I’m not happy, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking, and you wouldn’t be able to know by asking.

This is a problem.