When I’m asked about my significant loss in weight, I am usually hesitant to talk about what I did, because I’m afraid that the other person will think that I am arrogant, snoody, or one of these new-age hipsters that is trying to spread their opinions like the Christian missionaries did to the numerous indigenous tribes around the world.

Far from it.

I couldn’t care less what you think about the choices I have made. In fact, I don’t want you to try any of it. Go away.

The fact remains though that I did what I did, and it worked for me. Hooray for me and the hell with the rest of the world. I’ve cataloged many of these things though so that I can remember what I did for the future. Among them are

I ride my bike

I ride my bike to do all of my grocery shopping, and much of my (family, friends) visiting. The various grocery stores within my reach are between 8 and 16 miles round trip.

During much of the year, I will commute to work via bike; 26 miles round trip.

I ride my bike to go on “missions” as I call them. Basically I set a destination (such as a town, or family or friends house) and I ride my bike their.

I choose towns that have town signs. The bigger the town sign, the better. I will ride my bike to the town and take a picture of my bike in front of the town sign. For family and friends houses, I stand my bike in front of their front door and take a picture.

I do workout videos

I’ve done Insanity once, I’m almost finished with P90X, and I have the rest of the Beachbody catalog to do after that. Yes, they work. Are they hard? Mmmm, maybe. They won’t kill you, but they will help you improve on any fitness activities you already do, which for me was basically nothing except bike riding.

For example, after I finished Insanity, my cardio aerobic strength was phenomenal in comparison to what it was when I started. I measured, of course, and noted an increase of 2 mph average speed on my bicycle while maintaining my perceived rate of effort. That spells improvement in my book. And Insanity was started after I had already been riding for a year.

P90X has clearly built up my upper body. I have noticeable muscle definition in my arms and back. I stand up taller. I hold myself “tight”; flexing muscles when I stand versus letting everything hang.

I run 5k’s without any perceived effort. The last one I ran with my sister ended up in us having a 30 minute one-on-one chat about life and things. Yeah, running and talking. That’s not something that you would have seen me doing 2 years ago.

Plant based diet

This specific change really turns people off when I mention it. I can only assume it’s because of all the fucking hipsters in California that have ruined it for the rest of the world.

Plant based diets get a bad rap because they have words like “vegetarian”, “pescetarian”, or “vegan” attached to them. These cliques do nothing but harm. So no, I don’t associate myself with them. Sure, yeah, I make a concerted effort to do as Michael Pollan said; eat food, not too much, mostly plants. However, no, I don’t associate myself with vegans or vegetarians. I’m not them. Don’t treat me like those arrogant motherfuckers.

Has it made a difference? Yes. Was it hard? Yeah, at first, but you get over it and move on. Do I miss not eating meat? Well, I still eat meat, but I eat it at times and places where I would consider it to be a “special event”. For example, if we’re having turkey and lamb at my parents house for Thanksgiving, well, turkey and lamb is what I eat.

I find it is better to not be that arrogant prick that is “oh my god, so vegetarian that I need to eat tofurkey” and forces the host to have to order a vegetarian dish to satisfy that one fucking person. I’m also not one of those assholes that is so strickly vegan that they bring their own dish to these events. Fuck those people.

No, if I’m the guest at your event, then I eat what you eat. Period. Amen. It would be the highest form of arrogance to act any other way.

Sugar. No

I don’t drink soda, store bought fruit juice, anything with high fructose corn syrup or anything “from concentrate”. Again, arrogance on my part? Hardly. I have pictures from college that show the difference that soda can make; 15 pounds of it. I also stay away from artificial sweeteners, diet anything, or half-assed attempts to make healthy forms of sugar such as stevia and truvia.

Do I totally do without? No, hell no. Tonight I ate cake, drank Pepsi and snarfed one of those giant candy canes filled with M&Ms. But tonight was Christmas at my dad’s house, so, special event; I allow myself to splurge.

What do I do to sweeten things during the normal days? Nothing really. I don’t crave it, so I don’t eat it. If I do sweeten stuff on occasion, it is usually with honey. I buy it from a friend who is a bee-keeper. No I’m not a local food snob. I buy it from him because he is the father of my best friend. I think he’s a good guy, and I support his effort to be a beekeeper.

I hope that sums up my stance on a lot of health and fitness related subjects that are taboo to, like, every American. I’m not religious about any of this shit. I have no interest in changing you, or belittling you. If you ask for my opinion, fine, you’ll get it. But that’s all it is, my opinion.