This time I think I have an excuse though.

I spent the better part of my night baking desserts for Thanksgiving at Aunt Maggie and Uncle Andy’s house tomorrow. I made

  • Cookie dough corn on the cob
  • Copycat Little Debbie Swiss Roll cake
  • Brownie Mallo Bars

I wanted to make a copycat twinkie recipe that I found on the net to celebrate the life of Hostess, now that they are dead (Hostess is dead, long live Hostess), but was kinda burned out from cooking at this point.

Squeezed in a round of P90X before hand. Yesterday I did a round of Insanity as a supplement to the Plyometrics video that I was supposed to do for P90X.

I suppose the reason why I am up so late is due to a sugar high that I’m probably cruising on right now due to all the baking.

I finished Lindsey’s xmas present and it looks awesome. I’ve started working on Natalie’s. I will post pictures in the gallery as I complete them.

I’m adopting another rule of thumb for the new scanner farm and the next version of savory after listening to an interview with Tim Ferris on the 4-Hour Chef; fixing ego depletion.

It is along the same lines of a current design decision that I stole straight from the Ruby folks; convention over configuration. Ego depletion in this case proposes that you only have so much fuel in your ego tank every day, and every decision that you have to make uses up a portion of that fuel.

Given enough decision making, you eventually run out of fuel, and then you end up procrastinating.

The scanner farm and savory will assist you in preventing ego depletion by covering a lot of the behind-the-scenes details for you. This will allow you to spend more of your creative energy on addressing the interesting problems. Your ego, and productivity, will thank you.

2 am. You’d think crocheting would take it out of me. You’d be wrong. Accompany that with an infinite loop of Peaceful Days from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack and I should be out like a light, and yet, here I sit.