I’m beginning to think it’s beyond my grasp. I’m impatient that my legs don’t get stronger faster, but I guess that’s nature for you.

I have a current cycling goal to ride a full length movie. Well, my last 2 attempts, Blitz and Tiger Cage, fell short. Ok, technically I rode Blitz, but my goal is to ride it continuously; not taking a break.

Tonight on Tiger cage, several weird pains crept up

  • A pain in my left knee early
    1. This ultimately went away, but it took maybe 14 to 25 minutes
  • A sharp pinch in my right shoulder like you get from not breathing enough when running.
    1. With some shoulder rotating and extra breathing, this went away
  • A shin splint pain in my left shin
    1. This really confused me. I don’t know what caused it, and it’s gone away, but the feeling of a shin splint while doing a low impact sport was surprising. Especially because I haven’t experienced it in the past
  • Hamstrings
    1. God these have been the killers lately. On both this last Tiger Cage ride and Blitz ride, my hamstrings have been my downfall. Tonight was no exception, they burned worse than another other part of my leg that I can remember. Is this good? I dunno….maybe that means they’re getting a workout. OTOH maybe it means “ur doing it wrong”

In any event, I continue to push on in my quest to reach more goals and ride further. Being locked up indoors for the winter isn’t going to slow my training in the least.