With my new trainer and the creeping up of the winter time, I’ve set a number of goals for myself.

Riding with the trainer is more difficult that riding outside. First of all, it doesn’t ever give up. There’s no coasting to claim distance, so every stroke is one of effort.

I usually watch movies on netflix while I ride, so my first goal was to cycle through an entire movie. Well, today I did; 47 minutes of it. The movie was called Deconstructing Supper and was OK.

True, it was only 47 minutes, not a “full length” movie per-se, but 47 minutes at 100 cadence is still effort for me. I am improving though. I want to be fit enough to ride a century, straight through, come spring. And actually, I want to be able to ride a century, straight through on my trainer, before the end of the year. We’ll see how far I get on that.