My cycle trainer came in the mail the other day and it’s all set up and ready to rock

Cycle trainer

It’s pretty cool, and yes I finally found a use for the phonebooks they throw at my house every year.

Is it boring? Mmmm, well, yes and no. I guess it can be boring. But watching TV can be boring too. So far I’ve managed to stem the boredom that one would experience from going nowhere fast by supplementing the going with watching Netflix, listening to music, etc.

So yes, it’s more boring that riding outside, but when the weather sucks, there is no good way to get your riding in.

It seems a bit more difficult to ride on than regular road, but I think that’s due to the rolling resistance of the trainer…basically there is 100% resistance; stop pedaling and your back tire instantly stops. So that resistance adds to the work required to keep the back tire spinning.

The trainer itself is a Cyclops Fluid 2. The reviews seem to match the experience I’ve had with it so far. It’s a good product. It’s kinda not clear how to set it up at first, but a little dorking around with it and it’s ready to go.

Almost finished with scanning and Lunar Silver Star for PSP.

At work I had to convert an integration between CST and another app with a new REST API. It went off like clockwork. I’ll be finished with it tomorrow and ready to start cutting over detectors by Thursday. Win