Today marks the third year of being free from consumer debt.

I began it December 15th 2008 and finished Sept 19th 2009; $36593.76 and 9 months of effort, I figure the end result was worth it.

I sold a motorcycle, sold other shit around my house, and took on extra work when I could.

I have a significant amount of discretionary income available each month that I usually put into investments. Only the house is left, but I go back and forth on deciding whether to pay that off or not.

I see both sides of the argument and can argue for or against each side. But since I cannot make up my mind, I just choose to stay the course with what I do now.

So is it worth it? Yeah, just do it; get it over and done with. I take so much shit in stride now. Compared to family and extended family who put themselves through so much unnecessary stress; trying to game the system with complex financial tactics. And the bitching and moaning the accompanies it all; geez.

Here’s to another year of being debt free, saving, and investing.