When I bought my bike I calculated that I’d need to ride somewhere in the range of 10,000 miles before I broke even (at current car miles-per-gallon rates).

This is that Operation.

The current cost per mile of my car is $0.128 (according to my Fuelly tracking); we’ll say 13 cents a mile.

My bike cost $1700

Which means to break even, I need to ride 13077 miles; barring no bicycle maintenance (ha!)

So where am I so far?

881.65 miles and approximately (I’m sure not very accurate) 38735 calories.

Which brings me to $114.61; roughly 6.74% of the cost of the bike. Ouch.

I guess it’s not all financial loss though. Granted, I could have bought a cheaper bike, but fuck it, I wanted what I wanted. Also, I have seen a significant, and I mean significant, change in body composition. I don’t know if I’ve lost any substantial weight, but physically I look and feel different.

Where I used to have a noticeable heart beat, I now find that that has calmed itself down. My legs are ripped, and I don’t feel winded. The whole front of my body is just a lot more flat.

Physically I can also go farther than I could when I first started. 20 miles is nothing these days; where it used to be un-thinkable when I first started.

My average speed has slowly been ticking up and up. 10 mph was about as fast as you’d see me when I started. Now, I average 15 to 18 comfortably. No pro-cyclist, but for an amateur rider with no illusions of grandeur, I’d say that’s not half bad.