I’ve been getting grief from some people at work about how I’ve ridden my bike to work today and plan on riding it tomorrow.

Grief in the form of “but don’t you realize that it’s 110 degrees with the heat index!!?!”

Answer: Ya, duh

People at work are

  1. Old
  2. Afraid of everything

As such, nobody ever goes out on a limb to do anything of substance with their lives. Now, I’m not claiming that riding in hot weather is “going out on a limb” but when you’re comparing it to these people, it’s adventurous.

So yes. I plan on riding my bicycle tomorrow to work pending no catastrophic events that would hinder a ride.

It’s not hard to ride in hot weather. I don’t do anything extreme or odd, as far as I know. Here’s my checklist in the morning

  1. Camelback is full
  2. Bottle of water on bike is full
  3. Wearing loose clothing (I wear a Canari jersey and cycling shorts)
  4. Helmet
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Sweat wristband
  7. Blinking LED on seat post is ON

And off I go, 13 miles to work.

Do I eat breakfast before I leave? No.

Do I shower and get ready before I leave? No. I hop out of bed, dress to ride and leave; 5 minutes.

I have the convenience of there being a shower at work, and I have a mini fridge in my office. Breakfast is usually something like oatmeal and a glass of milk; maybe a banana.

So really nothing complicated. The hardest part of the whole thing is the “aww do I really have to ride to work? Wouldn’t it be easier to drive?” But I know that’s just my brain fighting for homeostasis. Fuck you brain, we’re riding.