Well the weather has been pretty good lately and as a result I’ve been riding my bicycle all over the place.

Perhaps riding it too much though as I got a flat a week or so ago due to a shard of glass getting embedded in the tire. That’s when I found out I didn’t have a pump or a space inner tube. Bummer.

So when I took it in to the shop to have it replaced, I was told that “yeah, you’ve put this bike through a pretty good workout” and “actually, if you’re going to keep commuting like this, a cross bike is not what you want”

What the fuck

It turns out that cross bikes, much to my dismay, have parts on them that are usually more tuned to racing that commuting. In particular the parts that consist of rubber; brakes and and tires.

The parts are softer to allow for better control and speed on short tracks. The idea behind a cross racing bike is that you only use it for short cross races….not for 600 miles a month commutes.

They also asked me when I was going to bring it in for it’s 90 day tuneup. I told them at 90 days. They told me I’ve put it through a helluva lot more than the average buyer puts their bike through in 90 days. So I told them I’d bring it in at the end of the month.

In the interim I’ve been thinking about what I can do to adjust it to more commuting. I think nobbier tires with harder rubber will go a long way. I’ve also considered tires with kevlar belts in them to prevent more flats. Also, harder brakes.

In other news, the birds above my door have fledged and flown the coop. I removed the nest the other day and turned off the webcam. Bummer to see them go; I really liked them. I was thinking of buying a birdbath, feeder, and a birdhouse or two for the garden area out back. Also, having a more dedicated webcam setup since I really liked the first pass one I set up, but it was impractical for long term use.

What else has been going on lately…hmm.

savory is preparing for a new release that adds a couple new features and a lot of bug fixes. I also am updating the unit tests for it so that I can feel more confident when I push a new release into production.

Also, I wrote a new detector tool that scrapes pastebin pastes after seeing this other tool used by this guy that works at Paterva. He said he’d provide code upon request, but after requesting said code, I never heard back. So I wrote my own. It uses elasticsearch, beanstalk, and python and I think it rocks. I’ve finally found a use for elasticsearch.

Well, “use” is the wrong word. I think it’s better to say that I’ve found a good process that involves queues and elasticsearch such that I can re-use the design in savory and other custom tools here.

The new Earth Defense Force is out and I’ve been rocking it. It’s not as good as the first, but it’s acceptable.

Will, Kenny and I have semi-formed a band. Our first track listing is

  • Broken Box - Queens of the Stone Age
  • Threesome - Fenix Tx
  • Seven Nation Army - White Stripes

We’ve been practicing on our own and then getting together when our schedules work (usually the weekend) to practice together.