I rode my bike to work today. It was probably one of the worst days to do that.

There was a heat advisory in effect for today and sure enough, it was 105 degrees on the ride home. I put on sunscreen too late (forgot to wait for it to soak in) and so when I got home, I was tanned.

The ride home was also in to the wind (joy), but I had a lot of time (hour and 18 minutes) to think to myself about what would have made this ride a lot nicer.

Note that this is technically the first time I’d ridden the analog bike, version 1, to work. So I was expecting things to go wrong. I was also looking forward to thinking about all the changes I could make to make it go right.

So I came up with several “man if I just had X” and “if I just did Y” ideas that over the remainder of the bike trips I expect to try out. I just wish it wouldn’t be 105 degrees in Chicago. That’s humid 105 degrees, not dry 105 degrees. Gawd.