So the wedding was great. There were a couple of screwups, mainly concerning the groomsmen not knowing where the hell they were going for the reception so they instead drove all the way to fucking Lombard, but I digress.

I showed up at the reception before, most people and made sure that things were all in place and moving relatively smoothly. It went until 11 that night and by that time I was spent. So I headed back to mom’s house since she is WAY closer to where the reception was held (Klein Creek Golf Course) than where I live way down in Oswego.

The most surprising part of the whole event was the crazy number of people that came up to me at the reception, and even the next day at the brunch we had at the bride’s parents house, and congratulated me on the “greatest best man speech they’ve ever heard”.

Surely they haven’t seen some of the best man speeches that the internet has to offer which, in my opinion, are far better. I was humbled by the number of congratulations I received though. I liked the speech, but I didn’t think it was anything stellar; it was written from the heart and I felt that it really summed up Will and I’s friendship.

So the lucky couple is now honeymooning in Tahiti and Bora Bora. /me is jealous. They showed me pictures of the place beforehand; including the pearl white sand and sapphire blue water. My god I would have no trouble living in a place like that.

In other news, I think I busted my right ankle from paintball, or pushing too hard on the bicycle. It was swollen pretty good and I couldn’t bend my foot up and down or left and right. Suffice to say it made driving, walking, and just generally being on my feet problematic.

I scheduled an appointment today with the podiatrist, but wouldn’t you know it, I’m feeling almost 100%. I want to see him anyway to ask about what could have been swollen and why it wasn’t bruised. Every other part of me was bruised from paintball except this. So I’m thinking it might be due to running or cycling. Perhaps he’ll have some suggestions anyway because when I was first running I had something similar happen in this ankle; but it wasn’t painful.

Speaking of cycling, the other day (Memorial Day) I rode to my mom’s house to pick up my brother Dan and the two of us rode back to my house for a total of ~30 miles on my part.

It sucked.

Memorial Day it was about 95 degrees out and sunny. I was a baked potato by the time I reached moms and the way back was hell. I was feeling really shitty despite all the water I was drinking, and was thinking I might pass out. The day after, I realized I hadn’t taken my meds that day; whoops!

I really like my mountain bike more and more and I’m going back and forth in my head about whether I want the cyclocross bike. I would like a new bike so that I can ride faster and further, but at the same time I think I could do that if I were to get slimmer tires for my current bike.

That would be mighty cheaper than buying a new bike. Plus it would allow me to afford other things I want to buy this month including more jerseys, riding shorts, and perhaps riding shoes and pedals.

I’m torn.