My best friend Will Saad decided to get married about a year or so ago and the wedding is this Friday.

I’m the best man

The bachelor party was actually last weekend and went off without a hitch. It was a great time and left all of us bruised and tired by the end of the day. No, we were no mugged by strippers, we were shot at with paintball markers.

The party consisted of a day of

  1. paintball
  2. dinner
  3. improv comedy club
  4. sports bar

I think we wrapped things up at ~1 am. I considered it my duty to be the designated driver that night, so I made sure everyone got home alright (including Kenny, since he left his keys in James’ car; whoops).

Hardest part of being the best man? Writing the speech that one has to give. I have a lot of ammunition that I could use against Will, but his wife is a bit tougher of a nut to crack. I don’t know her like I know Will, what her likes and dislikes are, stories that I can pull up about her, etc.

But I am happy to announce that as of today, the speech is complete…I think… and now I just plan on practicing it for the next 3 or 4 days to get it nice and stuck in my head. Is it a funny speech? Eh, I guess it has it’s parts, but its more of a sales pitch for Will to showcase how truly great of a guy he is.

So I’m feeling much better now that that is out of the way. In fact, I’ll feel 100% better after Friday because no more weddings! Hooray!

Yesterday I celebrated my almost finished speech by challenging myself to ride to work…after work. The result is what you see below.


Yes, I have done it.

I needed to prove to myself that the path was ridable, and it is. The funniest part is that it takes about as long to ride there as it takes for me to drive because while in the car you hit EVERY red light along the way. While on the bike you can take the most direct route to work (down Eola) avoid practically every light, and enter through an entrance that cars aren’t allowed to go through.