I have found a path to the Gilman Trail in Aurora from my house but it is really screwy. For example, consider today’s ride.


Yeah, it had me going along this dirt path next to Ogden.

Afterwards, it throws you out in a really bad area of Aurora; like, worse than the area I usually ride through…which I thought was pretty bad.

Anyways, I found my way to downtown Aurora eventually, and the Fox Trail path that runs along the river up to Batavia, St. Charles, Elgin, etc.

That path is the easiest way to work, but getting to the path sucks.

Along my route today, my chain continued to fuck with me. The back wheel needs to be replaced badly because the hub is shot and causes the chain to disengage during initial acceleration; when you’re really putting your weight into it.

The end result is you end up looking silly as you basically slip off the bike because all the torque is lost, and it also is a potential hazard to your health because it happens at the most in-opportune times…like in the middle of a busy intersection or road; ask me, I know.

I want a new bike though.

And I have a new interest; cyclocross.

So I’m going to fix the hub, but buy a new bike too. The trusty Trek 800 has served me well for…geez…15 years? It has it’s flaws though when you consider my new interest in cycling. Sure, it’s heavy duty and is a great mountain bike, but when compared to the XO I want to buy, there are two killer features that the XO has that the 800 doesn’t.

  • weight
  • speed

The XO is an aluminum frame, where the 800 is chromoly (ie steel), and the XO is a 10 speed cassette and the 800 is a 7 or 8 speed; so I can crank it. I read somewhere that the XO is roughly 18 pounds, which is fantastic because the 800 is at least 25 pounds.

So I’m itching to get one and I’m itching even more to start practicing in the mud and forest and stuff with it and riding it to work.