Picture yourself arriving home from work, and deciding to go for a bike ride to see if you can make it to the Super Walmart and back. Your only real goal is to run the path that you believe exists to see if it is practical to take that path in the future.

It’s 40 degrees outside, you haven’t eaten dinner, and you’re kinda tired. You figure your bike is in adequate shape too, but who knows because the last time it got any real use was a decade ago when you were in highschool.

If you can envision that, then you can envision my bike ride today. Oh my god. First of all, I didn’t expect the following

  • The wind was at my back the entire way there…not the way back
  • The way there was downhill.
  • The way back was uphill
  • There were some muddy fields
  • My rear derailleur…or something…is mightily hosed on my bike because when I stop peddling, the gears lose all grip on the chain…or vice versa.

This ride was fucked up, plain and simple.

Leave it to the city of Oswego to not plan out any form of pedestrian self transportation pathways (ie SIDEWALKS) to get any where in the town.

By the time I finally arrived at Walmart, I was flat out tired, and I still needed to go back. Plus, I was frozen because it’s just oh so warm for HALFWAY THROUGH APRIL.

Anyways, suffice to say, I won’t be making any casual strolls to Walmart on my bike for the foreseeable future.