Today I ran 1.5 miles in the morning and was kinda feeling it. Again, the shins are the biggest problem it seems. Crap.

Then around noon-ish I was again sufficiently bored. I had put in a refill prescription for my meds on Friday, so I figured they would be ready by today. Unfortunately, my insurance company thought otherwise. I had rode my bike to the Walgreens, roughly 2 miles, and was hoping to “get something” out of it; ie my meds.

Having no luck, I started back home and then hit Ridge Rd. I had remembered seeing that there was a path behind the Rush Copley Medical Center, so I thought I’d go find the entrance to it.

What resulted was thisbeast of a bike ride.

10 miles later, sufficiently tied, but not huffing exhausted (like I am with running), I pulled back in to my driveway and had a “blah” moment while I re-couped from the ride.

The gmap-pedometer reports that I burned an estimated 1446.15 calories. Yowza.