The last week has been filled with running.

It’s kinda been my crack as of late. I think it started on Monday March 28th. My brothers and I ran approximately 1.5 miles each day. Then around Thursday or Friday of that week we kicked it up to 2 miles.

Last night at ~9 I went out around my subdivision and decided to do some exploring which resulted in another 2 miles. I’m pretty amazed to see how fast my body has adapted to 2 miles of running. If you had seen the way I struggled to get to even 1.5 miles when my sister and I started running, you would have thought to yourself “good luck with that Tim”.

The 2 miles last night felt like “psh, no problem”

So yeah. I’m going to keep rocking it and come May 8th will decimate this 5k Mother’s Day run. Plus I’m looking forward to running with Lindsey and Dan. I think it’d be hella cool to run in these races with them.