Christmas was rather lack-luster this year. Note that I didn't ask for anything, so I wasn't expecting much.

Nevertheless I received some presents from mom and dad.

I've kinda felt rather crappy this holiday. It started after dinner on Christmas Eve when I was at my dad's house. Since then I have felt like "blah".

I took a vacation day on monday, but it was basically no vacation as I instead went to University of Chicago with my sister to help her do her work at the evo-devo lab. They have this piece of software that uses Filemaker 8. I have no experience with Filemaker, so I tried to suggest to her that maybe she should start reading up on Filemaker so she can change the application to do what she needs. She wasn't too hot about doing that, so it remains to be seen what will happen.

Later that night I went to Jordan's birthday party of Piece Pizzaria in Chicago. They make really good pizza and it was a good time.

For the new year I've been invited to Melissa's brothers' house. He's my riding buddy when it comes to motorcycles.

Tonight, Greg, Dan and I are going to guitar center to spend our gift cards. There are a pair of headphones that I want for my drum set because the ones I currently have have really crappy support for low tones from my floor tom; they crackle when I hit the drum. Sennheiser headphones suck some major donkey balls for sure.

After that I may be going to see Tron with Jordan and Puffy. He's been itching to go see it for some time and while he's on vacation and in the area, wants to make sure he sees it.