So tonight I was hanging out at my mom's house when she asked me if I could help her switch out the windshield wipers on her Dodge Intrepid.

I figured, sure no problem, I've done it on my Hyundai before and it's easy.

So after a half hour or so of fidgeting with the damn thing, we got the first wiper off. Popped on the replacement no problem. Then, I move to tackle the 2nd one.

In the process of tackling said second one, I manage to slice the back of my left hand pointer finger open across nearly the full width of the finger.

I don't panic, but instead we walk into the kitchen and I start running some warm water over it. It's bleeding pretty good, but not crazy. It, more or less, stops bleeding a short time after.

My mom is there with some neosporin and a gauze wrap, and she quickly wraps it up, and then it hits me. If you've been following my medical escapades recently you'll know what hit me.

Feel like I'm going to faint. Need to lay down. Right now.

She starts panic'ing and I try to calm her down saying "listen its another one of those vasovagal reactions, cool it".

I lay down on the floor and it hits me. Feeling light headed, stomach really hurting. Nausea, feel like I need to vomit, etc. This time I'm not buying the bullshit my body is feeding me though. I'll go to the emergency room if I faint; fuck it otherwise.

So I lay there on the floor for 20 minutes or so, and then move to the couch. By now I am also shivering semi-uncontrollably; it comes and it goes. She gets me a comforter blanket and I wrap myself in that and just lay there waiting for the shit to pass.

Last time this happened it took about an hour or two to clear up. It's about 5:30-ish when it happened so I figured "well, no eating at Chilli's with family tonight!". So I laid there waiting for the shivering to go away and wading through waves of nausea and discomfort.

Sure enough at about 7 pm it was more-or-less over with.

I can't tell you how much I fucking hate this. I seem to have just developed this straight out of nowhere. Since it happened with my foot, it's happened just about every time I've received any sort of wound beyond a scratch.

I want to know what I can do to stave off the reaction. Feeling really sick, and on the verge of shock, like that, is really fucking annoying/terrifying. Noone can give me a straight answer about what is going on though beyond "vasovagal" reaction. But you've got to be able to control this somehow</strong>, no?