Ahh the little things we learn every day.

Today at about 3:30 am I learned that I can trip a vasovagal response in me that, more or less, leads to fainting. This Wikipedia article</a> sums it up quite nicely.

This trigger list on that page lists quite a few triggers, but on this particular day I think it resulted from pain or the sight of my own damaged body.

I was testing out my toes' response to water before I jumped in the shower (I was awake for whatever reason. I couldn't sleep; pain in toe, calf, whatever) so I removed the dressing and put my foot in a little bit of water.

Within a couple seconds I felt like fainting. Wonderful.

So I laid down and put my feet up and it went away.

Now, I had something like this happen when I was in college and was treating myself with meds in the morning as I was recovering from a cold. The end result of that experience was nearly fainting and being schlepped off to the hospital.

So back to my story.

After I recovered from the fainting feeling, I tried again 2 more times with the same result; foot in water = fainting.

I had an "upset stomach" feeling; the kind you get when you're hungry and have that bubbly feeling in your gut. So I was like, well, I won't put my foot in any more water. I'll go downstairs and get something to eat. The docs during my time in college thought it may have been a drop or spike in blood pressure, or have some relation to low blood sugar. Since I felt hungry today I thought I'd try to head it off at the pass.

Problem though was that as soon as I starting eating my cereal, I started to get the same fainting feeling, except this time I also had major stomach cramps.

Great. So I laid on the floor, now also freezing because it was about 70 degrees in my house (thermostat goes to that overnight). I kept getting more and more cold and started thinking,

"hey, buddy, if you hang out down here you may go into shock. Hobble upstairs, get your cell phone and crawl into bed under the covers to retain some heat and get your feet up"</p>
So I did that, and while I was laying in bed, man I felt cold. That cold type of feeling you get when you're running a fever. Thermometer said nothing out of the ordinary though. Thermometer had no marking for "still feels like shit despite nothing being wrong". I would have appreciated a marking like that though.

So I laid there, feeling mighty miserable, and after about an hour of it, said "fuck it" and called an ambulance because I was sure as hell not in good enough shape to drive myself to the emergency room.

They did their thing and came back and told me what I expected to hear; "you're healthy as a horse. here are your discharge papers"

So great.

Even when I got home though the feeling came back and I crawled back in bed where I wriggled in pain for several more minutes until, I assume, I just fell asleep.

I called my foot doctor prior to this and asked his nurse to have him call me when he was available. I gave him the low down and he said "oh yeah, vasovagal response; have somebody else change the bandage"

I'm apparently batting a 1000 here with this toe thing. For the last several months, I kept telling myself I wasn't crazy for having saved up a pile of cash for "Murphy" events. Well, I guess this is proof that I'm not crazy.

I have pretty much no experience with insurance claims, but this last month has been a doozie! I'd appreciate it if this wasn't a reoccurring thing.