So today I went in for ingrown toenail surgery on my thumb toes; both sides of left, right side of right.

Surgery was a snap; twilight anesthesia is the cat's meow. Afterwards, I was told by my brothers and even the doctor that I would prolly be feeling like crap in my feet. Well, I was dizzy from the anesthesia and tired, but that's about it.

Walking is a bit of a bitch cause I've got these surgical shoes on and my toes are wrapped in like 5 inches of gauze, but aside from that I don't feel didly-squat.

<img class="aligncenter" title="Surgery shoes" src="" alt="" width="384" height="288" /></p>
In any event I was given a script for Vicodin if needed, although Advil is probably all that will be necessary; if that.

I'm stoked to see how they feel after everything is all healed up. I've been living with these for going on about 8 years now, so you could say they have kinda become a pet to me (as sick as that sounds).

I'm also stoked to see what they look like. I think they're going to look weird, but since my foot is wrapper in this shoe, I haven't gotten to see them yet. It'll be like unwrapping a present on Christmas.

To give you some idea of how bad they had gotten, consider this. They were sensitive to the point that setting a blanket on them caused pain. Like, think of yourself lying in bed on your back with your feet pointing up and the blanket over your feet. Yeah, that caused bad pain.

Kneeling down and resting butt on calves was out of the question because of the pressure put on the toes.

Stubbing my toe was an indescribable  experience; literally. It would take my breath away, send shockwaves of pain through my entire body, cause them to bleed and puss up like nobody's business, and yeah, the pain was just indescribable.

Walking and running were interesting since it had come to the point where I'd do it on the edge of my foot and my heel. If it involved flexing the toe, I'd try as best I could to avoid it.

So yeah. Check out the pics</a>, give me shit about it, tell me how stupid I was to not have it done earlier, and then piss off. Don't do what Donny Don't does.