So today I received an email saying that one of my apps at work was not working. It was a simple permission fix.

One thing led to another though and before I realized it, I was in the middle of the splunk documentation again, reading up on how to embed one of their fancy charts in said application.

I love splunk's charting ability. It's fantastic.

I've wanted to do this embedded thing for a while so that I can stop fussing with all the crap open-source charting solutions out there. I've read the documentation several times in the past but only today did I try to tackle it.

Well, the story ends with "I got it working". The story itself though is composed of a couple hours of me asking myself why the hell am I getting this weird error.

The error was

App does not support UI access. See its app.conf for more information.</blockquote>
The full details are here</a> at splunk-answers.

One thing I took away from this foray is that in the documentation for doing this</a>, when they say

Refresh your view when you make changes to it by loading this URI:</blockquote>
They literally mean to use that URI. I was replacing the "search" value with the name of my own app. It don't work that way.

Another thing that I hit a snag on is some screwy thing to do with permissions. I have a user that has two roles. One of those roles has the permissions

srchDiskQuota = 10000
srchJobsQuota = 50
rtSrchJobsQuota = 100</blockquote>
The other role doesn't have those permissions; they're not specified. splunk, for whatever reason, was using the values defined in etc/default/authorize.conf

srchDiskQuota = 100
srchJobsQuota = 3
rtSrchJobsQuota = 6</blockquote>
For the values. Why?

Anyhoo, I did what I originally had set out to do, with the exception that I haven't actually embedded it in my app. That would be the next step.