Its been incredibly nice out this last week. The other day I decided to go get lost on my motorcycle. After a while of riding west and south, I was sufficiently lost. That's when I stumbled in to Millington IL.

You wouldn't know it was Millington though because there is no sign that says it is. It was getting late in the day so I found some more back-roads and eventually got back on 71 and headed home; it was a great time.

I also watched Seven Pounds the other night (feel good movie of the year...not) and have been making my way through the Harry Potter movies because my friend Bernie is itching to see the upcoming two and I've never seen any of them, so I need to catch up. Aside from them being 2 and a half hours long, their not as terrible as I thought they would be. And, well, with Netflix, who really cares if they were terrible or not.