Tonight was so cool. It totally took me back to my glory days in high school when I would stay up all night playing video games.

Well, my brother Dan and I met up at about 10:30 pm on Monster Hunter where he was doing some arena quests. We putz'd around for a little time not doing anything in particular and then I told him I needed some help getting some parts for weapons.

Now, for about a week now I've been stuck at level 50 because there are a ton of assholes on MH3 online who like to talk down to the younger, less experienced, players.

The way it usually works is a newly level 50'd player will go on the Recruiting servers, start up a channel specifying they need help with their 5 star urgent quest and then wait there...forever. No one will usually show up. Or those that do will also be level 50 and they will get into this pissing match about who gets to start the urgent quest. Reason is because only the person who starts the quest will get the win if the whole team wins.

Now, what sometimes happens is a 51+ char will walk into the room and start talking all big like they are god's gift to the world. Usually they talk down to the younger players. These people are fags, plain and simple. They contribute nothing and they are all looking for respect that they haven't earned.

In the slim chance that they help you, they usually aren't very good. They will join the quest, and probably not die due to their high level armor, but when the team loses, these assholes will blame all the younger players...who have no experience fighting Alatreon. How can you blame the younger players?

That was all until tonight. At about 2 am I was getting tired and ready to call it a night, and then this player came into our room; Olina. When they entered, the first thing they said was "Greetings, mortals"

Now, first thing I thought was, great, another talker ready to give us shit. Well, Olina came into the room with an Alatreon hammer. I figured, ok, what's this player all about. I checked out their hunter rank, only to find out they were level 283! hahaha!

OK! So, this person appears to walk the walk.

Anyways, Olina was really cool. It was a female character, but who knows if it was a dude playing the character or not. They were funny and didn't give any of us shit about being lower level than them.

Olina asked us "whatcha up to?" and we responded "trying to figure out how to beat our 5 stars" to which she responded "cool! I'm in!" hahaha. I love happy players.

And sure enough, she was good. She went with the hammer and gave us enough advice to be really helpful but not sound like a prick.

So, in the slim chance that Olina ever reads this post, here's to you!

I was telling my brother Dan, that "see, this is what we gotta do. Being awesome like this is totally the way to go". So yeah, I can't wait to be better equipped and have Dan and maybe Will along for the ride so that we can help out others like Olina helped us. Way cool.

I also discovered why everyone who has an Alatreon weapon has either a long sword, hammer, or lance. The reason? Because Alatreon drops the items to make those weapons more than he drops any other item!

So when you see all those players with Ala weapons, you might just want to think again as to whether they are actually good players or not. Most of them are not. Then there are real players who deserve those weapons and armor. Tonight, we had one of those real players on our team.

So I signed off at about 4 am and was going to go to bed, but was still riding the wave of Olina's help, so now I'm watching Django from Netflix. Tomorrow is Lindsey's birthday and that means cake; woot.